How Mommy and Me Fashion Strengthens Our Bond

My daughter loves to dress up and is always looking for ways that we can wear matching outfits. For me, being “matchy matchy” isn’t about just looking cute together, it’s about how mommy and me fashion strengthens our bond.

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I fully realize this time of wanting to dress up like her mama will very likely pass, so why not have fun with it while I can? Luckily, there are adorable and affordable options through More than cute dresses we can both wear, clothing helps determine how we feel, how we want to express ourselves, and can set an example that you can be smart, strong, and sweet while looking and feeling good. Want the dresses we’re wearing above? Click here.

My hope in becoming a mom was always just to have healthy babies, of course. It didn’t matter to me if I had boys or girls. I just never realized how much I wanted a little girl until she arrived on the scene. I love that my 7-year-old powerhouse likes pretty things and is developing a self-confidence to express herself. As she grows, I hope she feels good about herself, feels comfortable with who she is, and develops her own sense of style.

I may have started a thing here because she’s already asking when our next matching dress-up date can happen. I’m more than okay with that. As a thank you for stopping by, use code: unboxed12 for 12% off at!

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