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Trying to Conceive? Navigating through Fertility Options with Glow Fertility Program

Specializing in reproductive medicine and endocrinology as a registered nurse for over ten years, I have seen and heard amazing family-building stories. I’ve also listened and felt the struggles; I’ve seen the stress, confusion, and financial burden that can take a toll. The good news [...]

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Cocoon Cam Review: The Baby Monitor I’d Wish For

When my daughter was an infant, I can remember getting her to sleep in her crib with a valiant effort to then sliver out of her room like a snake to try not to disturb her. It was pretty hilarious, but sleep deprived and exhausted, it [...]

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Road Trip Tips for Women Traveling Solo

I've always been comfortable driving long distances, but I just became comfortable traveling solo in the last few years. At first, it was just air travel, but I've made the conscious choice in the last few months to jump in the car and get out [...]

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Parenting Strategies for a Dyslexic Child

I developed parenting strategies for a dyslexic child over time, through experience, and as a parent. My emotional range included worry, fear, uncertainty, relief, empowerment, and confusion following the dyslexia diagnosis of my child. This is a sponsored post in partnering with Educents. Educents.com offers innovative [...]

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2018 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV Review in Florida

Check out my review of the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander after test driving it for a week, along with what I discovered when traveling doesn't go as planned. On a recent trip to Florida, I had the awesome opportunity to test drive a 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander [...]

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Choosing Cold Medicine with the help of Pharmacists at your Fingertips

Choosing Cold Medicine with the Help of Pharmacists puts your mind at ease.  This has been a tough cold and flu season! Thankfully, there is help in choosing the right cold medicine and comparing the cost with the handy MedSavvy app. Choosing Cold Medicine with the [...]

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