The iPhone Feature That May Help Save Your Life

Truth. Whether I am with my kids, working, running errands, or resting, I am always with my iPhone. It is a powerful tool used in my everyday life. I can stay connected, obtain information, and I consider it a safety device. Now, I'm not trying [...]

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Caregiver Comfort Packing List When Preparing For A Hospital Stay

  This is an appropriate and timely post to get back into the swing of things. I've been away tending The beginning of the summer didn't quite kick off as planned. A family health issue unexpectedly kept us busy but I'm so thankful to say [...]

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Family comes in all shapes and sizes

I was thrilled to be asked to comment for an article in Fit Pregnancy last week and am happy to share it here. I love having an opportunity to share information on fertility, pregnancy, and support. While some women do experience a natural, smooth [...]

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Big Health Tips from Disney’s Baymax and Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6, one of my favorite movies from last year, is now available on Blu-RayTM, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere! To help celebrate the recent release, check out these health tips from Baymax and click below for downloadable activity sheets! I know I'll [...]

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#TimeforTammy Update: Memphis Mom Needs A Kidney Donor

Here's to a healthy dose of Social Goodness! While we often hear about the negative aspect of social media in the news, the support that Tammy is receiving online is proof that social media can be used to make a positive difference and connect us [...]

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Memphis Mom Needs Kidney Transplant: #TimeForTammy

I've been communicating with our dear friends, Tammy and Roc Johnson over Facebook lately to stay up-to-date on her condition and tossed around the idea of writing a post about Tammy's health situation. Not wanting to be overly dramatic, we felt it would be a [...]

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