How to Communicate Symptoms and Treatment Side Effects with your Healthcare Team

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Two essential components of wellness. Recognizing how our body is functioning and communicating symptoms and treatment side effects with our healthcare team. I’m proud to partner with Med-IQ to help generate awareness and ideas on how to communicate effectively with your healthcare team, or to support a loved one in the process.

Compassion for Kids with Chronic Illness through Books That Heal

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This is a sponsored post with Books That Heal to share these stories and partner to raise awareness for this organization and these amazing families. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.   I will never forget graduating from nursing school, passing my [...]

Why Every Parent Needs To Watch Leaving Neverland

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I stayed up until two am last night watching Leaving Neverland on HBO while my kids slept peacefully in their beds upstairs. Then I watched After Neverland with Oprah. Then I felt sick so I stayed up writing. My intention is to keep this post [...]

Perfect Off-Season Beach Getaway to Florida’s Emerald Coast

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Focusing on family health and wellness as a nurse goes beyond general recommendations to stay active and eat well. Our well-being as women, as moms, family ringleaders, and partners has to include quality time to reconnect with those who mean the most to us. There [...]

Trying to Conceive? Navigating through Fertility Options with Glow Fertility Program

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Specializing in reproductive medicine and endocrinology as a registered nurse for over ten years, I have seen and heard amazing family-building stories. I’ve also listened and felt the struggles; I’ve seen the stress, confusion, and financial burden that can take a toll. The good news [...]