3 Simple Disney World Vacation Hacks To Save Money

3 SIMPLE DIsney WORLDWe’re going to Disney World! In just fifteen days, we’re headed to Walt Disney World Resort, and I’m happy to share 3 simple Disney World vacation hacks that I use to save money. I love Disney planning and as an attendee of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration last year and a finalist two years ago for the Disney Parks Moms Panel, I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite places. That being said, prices are on the rise, and I’m always looking for ways to save money that can be better spent during our Disney Parks vacation.

Check out my 3 simple Disney World vacation hacks below to save money…

  1. Customizing your MagicBand. Those rubber wristbands contain a RFID chip that unlocks a magical vacation experience that comes standard in 8 colors (purple, red, orange, blue, green, yellow, pink, and gray). There are thousands of ways to customize your MagicBand yourself that can be found on Pinterest, and while I’ve tried a few techniques in the past, I was never overly impressed with how my tattooed band looked after a few days in the resort pool. You can also purchase character-specific MagicBands within Disney Parks and through the Disney Store, but I’d rather save $22.00 and use it another way during my vacation.

    Thankfully, my first hack presents an alternative option that is affordable and will offer you a ton of choices to rock an awesomely customized MagicBand through My Fantasy Bands. Erin is the creator, owner, and designer of My Fantasy Bands, super durable decals that are easily applied onto MagicBands. With tons of designs for everyone, sales, worldwide shipping, and easy-to-understand instructions, this is the way to customize your bands without spending a lot of time or money.Check the MagicBands we’ll be wearing for our upcoming trip and the high-quality decals I’ve used from My Fantasy Bands.     As a work-at-home mom myself, I love supporting women who are running their own business, and I’d like to thank Erin for the opportunity to collaborate, share her awesome decals, and extend a 20% off coupon code to my readers!MFB_UnboxedMom

  2. Bring your own Disney Princess costume. When my little lady turned 3, we took her to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (BBB) in Disney Springs. She enjoyed a Princess hairstyle, nail polish, and got to walk around the Disney Parks in her beautiful Cinderella costume…which I purchased at a discount in advance and stuffed in my suitcase to bring along. While BBB, is truly an adorable experience, the cost is steep, and the costumes within Disney Parks are at a premium dollar. We were able to enjoy the whole BBB experience and save a little money. 
  3. Buy Glow Sticks to bring with you. My last hack is one that I’ve used every trip we’ve ever taken. Glow sticks can be purchased just about anywhere these days from Target to the Dollar Store. They are cheap, fun, and surprisingly useful.My daughter held onto a glow stick through every ride that made her a little uneasy when she was younger. Through Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, even SpaceShip Earth, that little glow stick served as a comfort. It also was a nice distraction during evening stroller rides, and we were able to avoid any requests for those strobing souvenirs that give me a headache.

    The best part about this last hack is the surprise and fun we have had sharing our glow sticks. During our first trip, we brought along a small tube that contained 50 glow necklaces, and my son decided he wanted to share on the monorail with other kids. He loved acting like a Cast Member, and as he offered them to other children, their faces would light up with excitement and surprise. It’s a fun and easy way to save some money on souvenirs and spread that Disney magic.

    Other items to bring from home rather than buy in the parks that will certainly save money include: rain jacket (rather than buying a plastic poncho/garbage bag), sunscreen, baby products (wipes, diapers), snacks and ziploc bags, Disney t-shirts, a pair of flipflops.We can’t wait to grab our customized MagicBands, glow sticks, some items from home, and head to this happy place in two weeks. Follow along as I’ll be sharing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat with #DisneyUnboxed.

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