Allergies Or A Cold? 4 Tips For Parents

Tips for Parents - Allergies and Colds

It’s my favorite time of year when the weather starts to become crisp, the leaves begin to change, and the holiday season is just around the corner. Unfortunately, it also means a struggle with allergies for my kids…and that struggle is real. It began when my son was around two years old and we had a constant cycle between battling allergies and repeatedly getting a cold which was never “just a cold”. With difficulty controlling his asthma, allergy symptoms often escalated into long nights, cranky days, and lots of time with a nebulizer for breathing treatments.Tips for Parents - Allergies and Colds

Tips for Parents on Recognizing the Difference Between Colds and Allergies

Allergies are actually the third most common chronic disease among children age 18 and under and it’s a family affair. Almost 60% of children with parents that suffer from seasonal allergies, end up suffering with them as well according to As parents, it can be a double whammy having fall allergies kick in with school back in full swing. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of Seattle Mama Doc offers a helpful video on colds vs. allergies and here are four tips for parents on how to tell the difference:

  1. With allergies: Symptoms show up as soon as your child is exposed to the allergen
  2. With a cold: Your child has a fever
  3. With allergies: Symptoms last indefinitely
  4. With a cold: Symptoms last 7-10 daysTips for ParentsTips for parents about allergies 101: eyes and nose. If we can all look beyond the messy room in the picture below (and I’d appreciate if you would), my little fairy has those watery eyes and a pink and runny nose. Her bout with allergies, unlike my son, does not cause coughing attacks, but she gets achy and feels lousy. Tips for Parents - AllergiesIt’s really important before administering any OTC (over the counter) medicine to always read the Drug Facts label and know the ingredients. This is a BIGGIE on the tips for parents list. At home, we often use a lot of comfort measures like an extra warm bath and lots of cuddles. As for allergy relief, it is NOT safe to give children under age 6 any OTC (over the counter) medicine containing diphenhydramine. Best to always consult with your doctor with any questions before administering any OTC medicine to your kids. While I know we want our littles to sleep well, never give kids any OTC medicines to make them sleepy. Never ever ever.

Tips for Parents - Medication Do's and Don't's

For more information on allergies and ingredients, please visit the KYOTCs site:

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