After dinner entertainment

My favorite time of day is usually right after dinner.  Jack is usually playing around and Allie is usually trying to give him tons of love and hugs and kisses.  It is all very funny and I try to remember to enjoy these moments as they are happening.

Recently, I’ve tried to have my iphone ready to be able to capture this special time of day.  The clips today are brought to you by Jack and Allie.  Jack is performing the Fresh Beat Band song, “Just Like A Rockstar” and then Bill, the ice cream man, drives by our street and Jack greets him through the window like he does most nights.  Bill now yells back to Jack from the truck and they carry on a brief conversation.  Classic.  Not to be outdone, Allie tries a little solo performing of her own.  I am so thankful for these 2 silly birds.

Earlier in the day, playing games on our ipad…

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