Baymax and his Big Message

Yesterday I took my son to see Big Hero 6 and we both gave it two thumbs up. I love that it showcased nerd power, tech, and science in an exciting way. How cool are techie nerd superhero kids?!baymax

As a nurse, I got a big message from Baymax, the personal healthcare companion. Disney created a balloon/marshmallow-looking-robot and somehow managed to make us care about it and let it stir our emotions. With his monotone voice, he asks a question that seems to have gotten lost in the way we currently deliver healthcare in our country.

Baymax is programmed to ask the most basic of questions and then he listens. He listens to his patient. In healthcare, there is so much going on and the pace that is required to see each patient can become so frantic (driven by low staff, insurance costs, and the bottom line), that even healthcare providers become frustrated by not being able to deliver the level of care they want to. Not that I’m speaking for all nurses, but many want to go into the field to help others. To make a difference and provide care and comfort. Far too many understandably become disillusioned when reality sets in on the hospital floor, in a clinic, or in an overflowing emergency room. The challenge lies in providing the level of care that is deserved, that we want to, and to be able to listen, all while surviving in this current state of healthcare.

photo(55)Baymax offers a gentle reminder that every healthcare provider can choose to listen to…or not. I now have an appreciation for an overstuffed balloon robot. He asks his patient: “Are you satisfied with your care?”

When is the last time you went to a healthcare provider? Were you satisfied with your care?


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