How to Communicate Symptoms and Treatment Side Effects with your Healthcare Team

Two essential components of wellness. Recognizing how our body is functioning and communicating symptoms and treatment side effects with our healthcare team. I’m proud to partner with Med-IQ to help generate awareness and ideas on how to communicate effectively with your healthcare team, or to support a loved one in the process.

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Compassion for Kids with Chronic Illness through Books That Heal

This is a sponsored post with Books That Heal to share these stories and partner to raise awareness for this organization and these amazing families. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.   I will never forget graduating from nursing school, passing my [...]

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Trying to Conceive? Navigating through Fertility Options with Glow Fertility Program

Specializing in reproductive medicine and endocrinology as a registered nurse for over ten years, I have seen and heard amazing family-building stories. I’ve also listened and felt the struggles; I’ve seen the stress, confusion, and financial burden that can take a toll. The good news [...]

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Parenting Strategies for a Dyslexic Child

I developed parenting strategies for a dyslexic child over time, through experience, and as a parent. My emotional range included worry, fear, uncertainty, relief, empowerment, and confusion following the dyslexia diagnosis of my child. This is a sponsored post in partnering with Educents. offers innovative [...]

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Choosing Cold Medicine with the help of Pharmacists at your Fingertips

I had planned to post this within the first few days of 2018, but cold and flu season came rushing in and managed to take us down. While we are finally feeling better, it was a few rough weeks of sniffles, aches, fever, cough, and [...]

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