Why Every Parent Needs To Watch Leaving Neverland

I stayed up until two am last night watching Leaving Neverland on HBO while my kids slept peacefully in their beds upstairs. Then I watched After Neverland with Oprah. Then I felt sick so I stayed up writing. My intention is to keep this post [...]

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5 Parenting Actions To Raise Strong Global Citizens

Global citizens. That's what I want my children to be. At some point before the final votes came through last night, I fell asleep or my body gave out from exhaustion. This morning, upon waking up, my social media feeds were filled with confusion, fear, [...]

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Raising Giving Kids

It's one of my gazillion parenting goals. To raise kids that will give back, will be generous, and have open hearts. One show that promotes this goal that both of my kids love is Care Bears & Cousins on Netflix. It's all about sharing, kindness, and giving, [...]

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4 Tips For A Terrific Family Trip To The Movie Theater

My family has been waiting to see Disney's Zootopia since we saw the preview before Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Opening next weekend, this looks like a perfect family movie that both my 4-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son can enjoy. Here are four tips that [...]

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5 Sanity Saving Tips When Flying With Kids

There once was a time when I considered flight delays and crowded cabin space to be mere inconveniences. That was before kids. Once I began traveling with little humans, I quickly realized that seat selection is vital, and as a mortal being, there is only [...]

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Mission Organization: Our Back to school Command Center

The kids are back in school and I find myself rejoicing, yet also feeling that tug of time, wishing that summer would've been longer. I do love fresh starts though, so with a new school year ahead, my mission this September has been to raise [...]

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