Naxos45 minute (hi-speed) ferry ride from Mykonos to Naxos. This ferry ride was a little different than the one we took from Athens. Much smaller (the seajet) and really fast. Quite a few people were having a rough time with the waves (including Linda). Naxos [...]

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MykonosAfter a 3 hour plane ride from Paris to Athens, and a 3 hour (hi-speed) ferry ride to Mykonos. It is surprisingly calmer than the rumors have you believe - even at the beach known for apparently it's craziness, Super Paradise...although it's still early in [...]

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Hi from Paris...Left NYC Sunday on a 6pm flight - having our first cappuccino in Paris by 9am on Monday. Definitely the way to get to Europe (overnight). When you land it's only about midnight your time, so it gives you an entire day in [...]

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Over the pond...FranceParisJune 4 - June 6Hotel: Hotel Saint Paul Rive Gauche www.hotelsaintpaul.frWebcam: even further...GreeceMykonosJune 6 - June 8Hotel: Deliadeswww.deliades.comWebcams: and on the island of Mykonos: www.mykonos.comNaxosJune 8 - June 11Hotel: Agios Prokopis Hotelwww.prokopis.comWebcams: and on the island of Naxos: [...]

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