Cocoon Cam Review: The Baby Monitor I’d Wish For

When my daughter was an infant, I can remember getting her to sleep in her crib with a valiant effort to then sliver out of her room like a snake to try not to disturb her. It was pretty hilarious, but sleep deprived and exhausted, it was a serious game of skill. What I needed was Cocoon Cama HD Video Baby Monitor that monitors breathing.

Let me explain why I recommend this baby monitor as a mom and registered nurse. My daughter was hospitalized at five-months-old with RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). After five days in the hospital, even as a healthcare professional, I was nervous about bringing her home and monitoring her breathing – especially when she slept. At the time, there were limited options for video monitoring, so when I had the opportunity to check out and review the Cocoon Cam, I wanted to see if it would be truly beneficial to parents. The easy answer? Yes, it is and here is why…

The Cocoon Cam comes well packaged and has an easy setup. The major benefit is that you can check on baby via your mobile device. It’s very convenient and reassuring to pull up an image on your phone from anywhere at any time to see your baby. The added bonus? It monitors respirations and alerts you if it senses baby is in a deep sleep or may be beginning to stir.

It’s smart tech, a video monitor that is able to sense baby’s position and adjust. The app on my phone alerts when baby is crying and has the ability to talk to baby through the phone. This is a useful feature when baby is awake or upset and you can’t get there right away, want to try and soothe and reassure without entering the room, or when your little one is older and you just want to communicate.

The log and recordings of the night for review help a tired mom or dad, especially if you wake up and wonder, “what happened last night”? I was like this for a few years between my son and daughter and the benefits and convenience of the Cocoon Cam make it a parenting win.

As for negatives, the only concern I’d have about this baby monitoring device is the battery drain on your mobile device. This can require an adjustment with your phone routine and how you often you charge it. Overall, the Cocoon Cam offers parents a baby monitoring device that goes a few steps further with some unique and valuable features. I certainly wish I had a Cocoon Cam when my kids were infants.
This is a sponsored post. I received the Cocoon Cam to review and was compensated. My opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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