Disney World + Warm Weather = Happy

We are back from our quick trip to Disney World and had a blast! We were there from Thursday to Sunday but didn’t rush around and it was so nice to be there without crowds. Jack literally met every character and was VERY happy to talk with all of them (although he was a little confused why they didn’t talk back).

As you can tell from the pics below, he was a very happy little boy. On Sunday morning, we headed over to Epcot for a few quick rides before we had to leave for the airport in the afternoon. I think we were the only people around the Finding Nemo ride/Turtle Talk with Crush.

Aside from the Snow White ride in Magic Kingdom causing a little trauma (didn’t realize that would be pretty scary for Jack), we all had lots of fun on the rides, especially Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios (of course Rob had the high score)! It was awesome.

Jack brought his halloween costume along so he could be “little Buzz” and was ready to “fly around with his wings” when he met Jessie, Woody, & Buzz. Jack took off running around and had everyone laughing.

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