Helping Moms Work Out At Home With Gixo Fitness App

This is a sponsored post with Gixo, a fitness app with a mission to make great live workouts accessible to everyone, everywhere.

We are just into the new year, and many of us (including myself) have made resolutions that involve improving our health and wellness. How’s that going so far? I’ll go first and be completely honest with you, it depends on the day, but I feel better and am more energetic when I take even just 25 minutes to exercise. Fitness apps have become a highly convenient way to incorporate regular exercise routines into our busy lives that I use regularly.

As a registered nurse working from home as a consultant, and a busy mom, I have the best intentions and love physical activity, but carving out time is a big challenge. I love being able to choose my own schedule to fit my needs and workout at home – whenever I can. That is what I’ve enjoyed most about Gixo. It’s an incredibly convenient fitness app that is easy to use and offers live and on-demand group fitness classes right on my phone.

While some fitness apps I’ve used only appeal to a certain type of exercise program, Gixo’s live fitness classes are taught by certified personal trainers with a variety of class choices in:

Strength Training








Boot camp

Daily 15

Daily 40

I really enjoy on-demand classes, and recently found a way to toss in my earbuds for a quick 25-minute HIIT workout (high-intensity interval training) within the Gixo fitness app right in my home office nook. Working out helps me blow off steam, reduce stress, and feel physically better and more energetic. It also sets an example for kids, showing them how I invest in my health and how important it is to take care of ourselves.

My favorite part of using Gixo is having the ability to participate in a group fitness class with the convenience of being home, the comfort of working out at my own fitness level, and the support of Gixo trainers. It has become an exercise routine that I love because it’s flexible to fit my schedule.

Here are a few of my own tips that help me stay accountable and also prepared to jump into a Gixo fitness class whenever I can.

Wear athleisure wear on the days I plan to work out.

Check emails and work for about an hour to start my day and feel prepared.

Bring a water bottle and a towel to have nearby at my desk as a way to ping myself that it’s part of my schedule that day.

Check out the Gixo app and decide if I want to sign up for a live fitness class or choose a fitness routine that is on demand depending on scheduled video calls and work planned for the day. A text reminder helps me stay on task and get prepared.

Once I’m done, I take extra time to stretch and remind myself of the convenience to work out with a fitness app at home and how it saves me time from having to drive somewhere. It’s a win-win situation and a great way to invest in health and self care this year. I hope you’ll give it a shot!

Interested in trying the Gixo app? Use code: unboxedmom to get a 7-day free trial and 20% off either a monthly or one-year subscription.

This is a sponsored post with Gixo. I received compensation in exchange for my 100% honest opinion and experience. All words, actions, and muscle movements are my own. Thank you to Gixo for partnering with me to help share information to encourage and improve overall family health and wellness.

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