Holiday Guide for Moms and Kids

There are a million holiday gift guides out there, so I’m offering this to you as a million plus one! Here is my 2016 unboxed holiday guide for moms and kids! Why am I so excited?! Because it took me FOREVER to figure out how to make this gift guide so that you could click on it. Seriously. It may not be perfect, but I tried really hard to make this simple and clickable. Everything listed in this holiday guide is something that I have personally enjoyed and hope you do as well. Scroll down to the bottom for my honest thoughts on everything listed in my gift guide. Come back and share your thoughts…

Holiday Guide for Moms and Kids

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Holiday Guide for Moms and Kids

Holiday Guide for Moms and Kids – It’s Fun for All

Picture Keeper: This tiny and handy device completely resolves my issue of having 10,000 images on my iPhone. I can’t be the only one, right? Super easy to offload and safely store your images. The app is user-friendly and most importantly for me, this is easy to use and helps me with my situation of having just a few too many images stored so that I never receive that message that I’m running out of storage.

PrettyStore.Org: I wanted to include some social good in my holiday guide and this store is one of my favorite. I have a few pieces of the jewelry and have loved them all. 100% of all proceeds go to support childhood cancer research through the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. I love everything about it so it’s win-win.

Shark Rocket Duo Clean: This vacuum challenged me at first, but has won me over. It CLEANS and it is powerful. I tested it on carpet, and hardwood and loved how powerful it is and how it maneuvers with a swiveling head. But I want to make sure you know a few key points about this unit. It is top heavy and doesn’t stand up alone. For elderly, it may be heavy to push because all of the weight is on top. It makes it easier to empty, but Grandma tried it out and was not comfortable with it. For anyone with babies, this cannot safely be propped up against the wall (although it does come with hook mount). If it falls (and it will), it can hurt because the weight is up at the top handle. I like how narrow it is though and because it’s so powerful and swivels so easy, I’m a fan.

Nutri Ninja Duo: It is amazing. I am not a foodie and these devices usually scare me. This product has Auto-iQ technology and while I have no idea what that means technically, all I care about is that it translates into an easy-to-use blender and works great! I’m making smoothies, my kids love them. Grandma tested and agrees. Parenting win.

Burned In Brooklyn: In an effort to promote and support fellow moms in business, I had to share this gem on etsy. I have the wood-burned initial pendant necklace and I absolutely love it! This handcrafted artisan jewelry is bold, strong, and unique just like its creator in Brooklyn. You will not be disappointed with the quality or craftwomanship.

Mabels Labels: They stick, they are cute, and I have used them for years. With cute and updated designs and packages, these are a winner for labels. The price-point may seem high, but they’ll last for so long that it’s a worthy investment.

Discovery Kids: The Discovery Kids Tent offers enough space that both my 5-year-old and 8-year-old can fit. It was easy to set up and they have enjoyed using it! I’m happy when there is a toy that both of my kids can appreciate and it encourages imaginative play.

Step2 Roller Coaster: We have had this for over 6 years and it is still going strong. It is easily the best outdoor toy that my kids have. It’s a popular one that the entire neighborhood will enjoy.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Home: This ranks up there with as one of my favorite indoor toys. It is sturdy, it is adorable, and your kids will play with it over and over. Great to have for crawlers and above.

Simon: I loved it as a kid and now my kids enjoy the challenge. It is great for sensory-processing, memory, ADHD, etc. A classic.

The fine print on this holiday gift guide
Products that have an * indicate that I received them in exchange for my honest opinion to review. This post also contains amazon affiliate links. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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