Juggling a Nursing Career and Motherhood + Landau Scrubs Giveaway!

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Juggling nursing career and motherhood

The most common questions I get asked by nursing students or new nurses relate to how hard it is to juggle a nursing career and motherhood.

Well, now let’s get honest here. Juggling anything and motherhood is a challenge, but before I can answer that, I’ll touch on my nursing career and how I’ve managed it with being a mom.

Being a registered nurse has provided me with incredible experiences. Areas of nursing that I’ve worked in over the years include pediatric oncology, orthopedics, surgical oncology, home health, and hospice.  My specialty that I’ve worked in for over a decade is reproductive medicine (fertility, pregnancy, and women’s health).

Nursing Career and Motherhood

My nursing jobs have all required different skills, clinical knowledge, and uniforms. I remember my first pair of scrubs in nursing school. They were glowing white, scratchy, and incredibly uncomfortable. Anyone who hopes to work in a healthcare field should know that comfort is key when working long hours. Durability and high quality are also way up there.

To answer the question about juggling a nursing career and motherhood, it can be a lot like wearing a good pair of scrubs. You need to be flexible, confident, resilient, graceful, comforting, and relaxed. Feel good about what you are doing. If you don’t fit in the area of nursing you’ve chosen, you can change it. Don’t spread yourself too thin (I’m still a work in progress on this one). Be confident in yourself and know that you are doing your best. Nursing is rewarding but it will challenge you. Motherhood is rewarding and it will certainly challenge you!

What is right for one person may not work for you. That is the benefit of being a registered nurse. There are so many areas and specialties in nursing that you can use your strengths to add value to your career. As a registered nurse, I have transformed my career over the years. As a nurse consultant, I am a clinical content creator, patient educator, patient advocate, and freelance writer.

Nursing Career and Motherhood Landau Scrubs Giveaway

Regardless of what type of nursing career you create, a pair of scrubs that makes you feel good is essential. My Urbane Scrubs pictured in this post are the right fit, color, and style for me. Professional, yet comfortable, in a very soft material that will hold up over time.

I worked in hospitals, clinical offices, clinics, and home health. Out of all of those areas, one of the most valuable experiences was being a home health nurse. Entering a patient’s home, and being in their environment with their rules is vastly different than any clinical setting. Home health offers a ton of autonomy and requires creative thinking. Quality scrubs are a necessity.

A few reasons why I recommend and only wear Landau Scrubs:

  • There is a style, cut, and color to fit everyone
  • Their fabric is durable and doesn’t fade fast
  • They have lots of sizes to choose from including XS – 5X

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Whether you are contemplating a nursing career, in nursing school, or considering a career change, I wish you the very best of luck! Please feel free to send me a message or comment. I’m happy to help in any way I can.

Landau Scrubs Giveaway

Thank you to Acorn Influence and Landau Scrubs for sponsoring this post.
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