Lots to catch up on, but not right now…

I know I have to catch up and post about Rob’s birthday (as soon as he loads some pics), and our recent visit for the Aunt Tina and Uncle Frank Halloween Party, but not right now.

Over the last 2 years or so, I think I’ve posted a few times about Ty.  I went to high school with Ty’s mom and we played on the soccer team together.  Ty battled a brain tumor for 2 years, and passed away last Wednesday at the age of 5.  He had spent 1 month at home with hospice services after they had received the terrible news that there was no further treatment options.  If you are on Facebook, I am sure you’ve seen all the pictures etc.

For Allie’s christening last year, we decided to make a small donation to the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation in place of favors.  Ty’s mom blogged throughout his treatment including all the ups and downs, and many people became very invested in him and their family.  She blogged through the final days of his life, and it has grabbed the heart of anyone who has read it.

I’m not going to write much about it here, as you can read what I’ve written my other blog.  For anyone not on Facebook, we ran a fundraising effort via an auction over the last few weeks and it was hugely successful in raising funds for Ty’s foundation.  Sadly, it ended the day he passed away, but we were proud to be a part of it and raised over $7,500.00 that go directly to Ty’s foundation…


Puts a lot of little things in perspective. 

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