Medicine Storage Tips To Keep Kids Safe

Medicine Storage Tips - Keep Kids Safe During the HolidaysMedicine storage safety is key to safe kids, especially around the holidays. The holiday season is full of travel for us. Honestly, we are only home one weekend between Thanksgiving through New Years. While it is truly wonderful to visit with family and friends, it can be a hectic time for everyone as we shuffle around with the kids. All of us as parents feel reassured that our own homes are safe because we’ve all taken safety precautions. It’s a little trickier when we’re running around between holiday visits with lots of treats around for little hands. That is why it’s so important to discuss medicine storage and how to prevent accidental ingestion of medicine or poisoning this month.

What You Need to Know About Medicine Storage Safety

“Candy confusion” can happen so easily as you can see in this infographic below. We can all use a mindful minute to remember the importance of safe medicine storage. While we keep all medicine up and out of the way in our home, it’s so easy to forget when visiting grandma and grandpa (who keep their daily pill boxes full of medicine on their kitchen table, on the side table beside their favorite chair, on the sink counter). Check out these two facts:

  • Approximately 60,000 kids go to the ER every year due to accidental medicine ingestion (this equals 4 school bus loads of kids every day).
  • According to SafeKids, “half of the 2 million calls to poison control centers in 2011 were for exposures and ingestions among kids 5 and under.”
    Medicine Storage TipsUltimately, parents need to teach their children what medicine is and that only mom/dad or a caregiver should give it to them. Although tempting, we should not tell kids that medicine, including vitamins, are candy, even if they don’t like to take it. The “candy confusion” is real – especially with all the holiday baking we all enjoy. Well, some of us enjoy the baking, I enjoy the eating.

Medicine Storage and Safety Call-to-Action this Holiday Season:

  • Let’s all set aside time and double check that our medicines are stored safely, up, away and out of sight of kids.
  • Be mindful that it includes traveling with medications in your suitcase or purse.
  • Remember if Grandparents are visiting or if you are going to see them to have this discussion and take appropriate precautions. They may just not realize it but will be truly appreciative of the good job being done to keep their precious grandchildren safe. Be sure to click that link for specific details on data on accidental ingestions and the importance of medicine being stored safely for grandparents.
  • Check out Up & Away for more information and tips.
  • Please have Poison Control Centers’ phone number easily accessible at home, when traveling, and saved on cell phones as a contact:  800-222-1222. This is also a useful number to leave for babysitters who might be in your house more than usual because of holiday parties.
    Visiting Family - Medicine Storage and Safety

When it comes down to it, we all need to look out for each other. We are all so busy as parents, and I hope this post offers a quick reminder to keep our most precious gifts safe this holiday season.

I’m proud to join the conversation and empower parents as a blogging ambassador with the CHPA (Consumer Health Products Association) Educational Foundation and This is a sponsored post. While I have received compensation by the CHPA Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, my opinions are my own.

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