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Hello, I’m Linda.

I’m an active mom of two young kids, a registered nurse, and a writer/blogger/nurse entrepreneur. Born and bred in New York, I moved to Tennessee (just outside of Nashville) a few years ago. Since then, I’ve worked hard to build this little nugget on the internet where I successfully work remotely to NYC or anywhere else as a content creator/writer, and as a place to share actionable tips on parenting and family health through my blog, Unboxed Mom.

As a writer, I tend to unbox thoughts, share them openly, and encourage others to do the same. I enjoy kicking the lid off the mommy-judgment box that we all seem to receive as a door prize upon entering the world of motherhood. By the way, how you enter motherhood is an area I’ve specialized in as a fertility nurse in reproductive endocrinology/fertility for over a decade. Whether you’re going through the American Ninja Warrior course just to become pregnant, or you’ve sneezed and it has happened, I’m all about keeping it real and offering useful information to empower us all as parents.

To dig a little deeper into what I’ve done professionally, I’ve been a registered nurse specializing in fertility treatment, IVF, pregnancy (including my own high-risk), and maternal health for over 12 years.

I love being a part of the family-building process and it’s my strong belief that families come in all shapes and sizes. I have experience in many other areas as a nurse including elder care, pediatrics, home health, oncology, and hospice. We have all been a patient or caregiver, and my passion is providing patient education and advocacy.

Prior to being a nurse, I lived and worked in the corporate world of NYC in technology and entertainment. I’m certainly asked a lot about being an out-of-the-box nurse and how I’ve merged my clinical experience and tech background. I’m always happy to answer questions and raise each other up with support. It is my goal to empower women and serve as a bridge between the digital world and health – to exist right where we all go to find information online and help break it down, answer questions, and calm the worries through education and support.

I’ve been able to work from home doing what I love because travel is also a huge part of our lives. My kids have both been flying since they were six months old, and I’ve been lucky and grateful to present new experiences to them through traveling and blogging. It helps us see outside the box, meet people we’d never otherwise know, and gain an appreciation for all our differences.

Being a WAHM and busy parent is an active process. There are days that I feel like I’m on it and days that…not so much. I’m just happy to be here and extend my reach to help support, educate, empower, and blow off some steam along the way.

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