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Born and bred in New York, Linda moved to just outside of Nashville a few years ago. Since then, she has worked hard to build a little nugget in digital space where she successfully works remotely to NYC (or anywhere else) as a nurse and digital healthcare marketing consultant, patient educator, and family travel blogger. What began as a place to share in the rollercoaster of becoming a mom, to actionable tips on parenting and family health, to a full-service digital media and healthcare marketing business, Linda is known in blogging circles as Unboxed Mom.

As a storyteller, Linda tends to unbox thoughts, share them openly, and encourages others to do the same. She happily kicks the lid off the mommy-judgment box that we all seem to receive as a door prize upon entering the world of motherhood. By the way, how one enters motherhood is an area she has specialized in as a fertility nurse in reproductive medicine/fertility for over 15 years. Going through the American Ninja Warrior course just to become pregnant, or sneezing and becoming pregnant, Linda is all about keeping it real and offering useful information to empower women and parents.

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To dig a little deeper into what she has done professionally, as a registered nurse specializing in fertility treatment, Linda created and transformed patient education into digital content and elearning for one of the top fertility centers in the country.

Having experienced two high-risk pregnancies, she loves being a part of the family-building process. It’s her strong belief that families come in all shapes and sizes. Other clinical areas of experience include elder care, pediatrics, home health, oncology, and hospice. We have all been a patient or caregiver, and her passion is empowering patients to become better health advocates for themselves and their families.

Often asked about being an out-of-the-box nurse and how she merged my clinical experience and her digital background, Linda is always happy to answer questions and raise others up and serve as a bridge between the digital world and health – to exist right where we all go to find information online and help break it down, answer questions, and calm worries.

Travel is a huge part of life as a mom with two kids. The Unboxed Kids have both been flying since they were six months old. So lucky and grateful to present new experiences through traveling and blogging. Why is travel so important? It helps see outside our own box, meet people we’d never otherwise know, and gain an appreciation for all our differences.

Being a WAHM and busy parent is an active process. There are days that we feel like we’re on it and days that…well, not so much. Linda writes from a place intended to support, educate, empower, and blow off some steam along the way.

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