Mission Organization: Our Back to school Command Center

The kids are back in school and I find myself rejoicing, yet also feeling that tug of time, wishing that summer would’ve been longer. I do love fresh starts though, so with a new school year ahead, my mission this September has been to raise my home organization game. I should rephrase that to explain that I’m constantly on this mission. It’s a process, friends. I am not one of those organized, Pinterest-ready moms, but I want to be and I admire those that can be! I’m just here to celebrate the small victories.

Here is one I’m happy to share.  It is…a command center, headquarters, or a drop zone. A place to serve as a starting/ending point during school days. This is as much for me as it is for the kids, but the main goal is to have a grab-and-drop spot. Backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets, anything that is needed for school can be found in this centrally located place. I’m not a morning person so anything that saves me from having to run around the house like a crazy person is worth a try.

I’m still tweaking the space, but so far it is working out surprisingly well. I should specify that this is not a family command center. This belongs to the kids only – it is their zone. Here is what I have so far:


  • Pictures to clearly designate sides (Ikea frames with 3M picture hanging strips)
  • Removable dry-erase weekly decal calendars
  • Hooks for backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets, etc. (this barn wood piece comes from a very special place and was made for us many years ago)
  • Portable baskets that sit on the floor for any extra items (Ikea Variera trash baskets)

I’m a girl who loves post-it notes, so I stick them on the calendar decals if it is something I need to remember. I’ll save my other office products for another post which can cover my ongoing mission of…office organization. Until then, I hope your kiddos are having happy school days. I love tips and would love to learn how you organize life in your home.


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