Preventing Seasickness on your Disney Cruise: 3 Tips in 30 Seconds

During the 2017 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we had the opportunity to experience the reimagined Disney Wonder on a 3-night cruise to Disney’s Private Island, Castaway Cay. I’m going to admit that I was nervous about our first cruise (ever) and how we would like it. Thankfully, we had no issues, and it was a blast! I’m happy to share my three tips in 30 seconds for preventing seasickness during your Disney Cruise (and what to do if you do start feeling sick).


The Disney Wonder crew would not be complete without Captain Mickey and First Mate Minnie, who greet guests onboard the ship. Special visits from favorite Disney characters are guaranteed to delight the entire family every day on the Disney Wonder. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

The Disney Wonder is one of four Disney Cruise Line ships, and my understanding is the fleet has state-of-the-art stabilizers. That being said, it’s a ship, and it’s on water. As a mom, and a registered nurse, I like to be prepared, and I wanted to try and prevent any of us from being seasick so we could all enjoy our cruise.

First, let me provide my personal feedback on our experience. Our cabin location, 6064, had a verandah and was in the middle of the ship right across from the elevators. This helped in multiple ways. The mid-ship location minimizes the motion of the ship, and the verandah provided a gorgeous view and the chance to sit outside and get fresh air.  If you’re considering a cabin with a verandah, I would highly recommend it. I’ll be writing more details about the reimagined Disney Wonder in another post, but it was so clean and beautifully maintained. From the cabins, common/pool/water areas, decks, all dining locations, to The Oceaneer Club (which is the amazing kid’s club that I’ll be featuring in another post).

Here are my honest answers to the two big questions I had before taking our cruise:

Will we get seasick? My family did not feel sick at all.

Will we feel the ship moving or rocking? I had quite a few cruisers tell me that we wouldn’t even feel the ship moving. This wasn’t the case in our experience. At night, we certainly felt a swaying/rocking sensation. It didn’t bother any of us, but we all felt it.

Here are my three tips in 30 seconds for preventing seasickness and interventions you could try if you do start feeling sick…

#1: Sea Bands. I’m a huge fan and used them during both of my pregnancies, and I’ve recommended them for many years to my fertility clients who have achieved pregnancy and are concerned about morning sickness. A non-medicated option that uses pressure points, there is one critical tip that goes along with wearing Sea Bands for a cruise, and here it is: put them on BEFORE you set sail. If you already start feeling nauseous and wait to put your Sea Bands on, it may not be as effective. They come two sizes, adult, and children. You can buy them via this Amazon affiliate link Sea-band Adult Wristband 2 Pairs. I’d also recommend leaving them on while at Castaway Cay and for a little while after you disembark from the ship.

#2. Good news, you should enjoy the food and make sure you eat! The food served on the Disney Wonder was fantastic. My son ate two breakfasts every day. You may want to eat plain foods if you’re feeling queasy, but make sure you have something in your stomach. Protein will provide longer, sustainable energy. Be sure to stay well hydrated as well.

Here are specific nursing interventions that may help if you are feeling seasick.seasickness_tips-disney-cruise

If you do feel sick, Disney Cruise Line is prepared to help. The Health Center is open daily during clinic hours and provides non-emergency medical care. Of course, in the event of a medical emergency, there is a doctor and nurse on call 24/7. Fees are charged for services, but they are equipped and capable of helping you feel better so you can enjoy the rest of your cruise.

Lastly, I have to share my overall takeaway after experiencing a 3-night cruise aboard the Disney Wonder. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the service and amenities aboard Disney Cruise Line exceeded our expectations. If you’re looking to take a cruise, without hesitation, my entire family would highly recommend Disney Cruise Line. We truly enjoyed our Disney cruise, and I hope these tips are helpful!

Do you have any questions about Disney Cruise Line or about ways to prevent seasickness? I’d love to hear your personal cruise experiences.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the 2017 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and on Disney Cruise Line for a 3-night cruise to the Bahamas. I paid for transportation for myself and my family, as well as a conference registration fee. This included lodging, park tickets, some meals, special events, and entertainment. I was provided with some complimentary items. I was not asked to write posts by Disney or other sponsors for this event. As always, opinions are 100% my own. 

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