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Content Creation

As the owner of Unboxed Media LLC, I create content in a relatable tone to help spread the word about your brand. How is this unique? I’m the merger of three worlds – corporate and clinical nursing and parenting. I incorporate a mixture of clinical knowledge, corporate communication skills, and insight as a parent to effectively communicate helpful information. Being an active mom of two young children and registered nurse, I like to keep it real while empowering women to advocate for themselves and their families.

Mom blogger

Content creativity includes but is not limited to…
Blog Posts, Press and Media Travel, Media Tours and Content, Articles, Video Production, Spokesperson and Correspondence, Speaking Engagement, Social Media Creation and Management, Branded Images and Graphics, and Newsletters.TV host

Social Media

One could argue that social media is the most critical component to successfully build your audience and generate growth. It all goes back to A-B-C’s. In nursing, it’s Airway, Breathing, Circulation. As a parent, it’s teaching the A-B-C’s. In social media, I follow these A-B-C’s…

 – Amplifying your brand’s core messages
 – Building a distinct digital footprint through aligned social media efforts
 – Consistently posting with a content calendar and engaging your audience

The social media world continues to evolve to the point that it can make our heads spin. Laser focus on being social and engaged is a key element to expand and nurture the relationship with your audience. But what makes one stand apart from the others? Over the years, what I’ve learned and continually develop is in a storytelling ability and effectively communicating it. Through sharing a compelling story and being able to relate to others, it shows a willingness to connect with the people you’re trying to reach.Disney blogger

Social media navigation includes but is not limited to…
Consultation and thorough analysis, custom social media road-mapping, and social media training including timing, placement, and frequency.

Clinical Consulting And Healthcare Marketing

I’ve been on all sides of patient care as a clinical healthcare provider and nurse, as a caregiver, and as a patient. Using my experience and expertise, I identify previously undiscovered pathways to effectively communicate in a clear and concise patient-focused manner.

My goal is to provide accurate clinical content and wellness information in the most efficient and accessible way using a collaborative and holistic approach. I’ve seen brilliant treatment fall short due to failure in its delivery. My passion and focus revolve around the transformation of how healthcare information is delivered and how it can be used to improve patient experience.

My areas of clinical knowledge include…
Women’s Health, Infertility, IVF, Trying To Conceive, Pregnancy including High-Risk, Family Health, Parenting, Oncology, Hospice, Caregiver Support, Elder Care, Home Health, and much more!

Clinical content consulting/healthcare marketing includes but is not limited to…
Improved patient experience through consultation and analysis, Patient education, eLearning development, and more!Fertility Nurse

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