Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review

star wars last jedi review

Yesterday was just a typical Monday school day, but we got to attend a press screening for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the evening! I surprised my 9-year-old Star Wars fanatic yesterday morning and while I could go on and on about how I picked him up after school and he did his homework in the car while I drove to the movie theater, I’m guessing that’s not why you’re reading this. So, I’m going to make this quick and cut to the chase…

THIS MOVIE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. Within the Star Wars franchise, this film is actually trying to be an overachiever…and why not?! So here’s the reality and take this as my little disclaimer, I’m not one for spoilers. While I’m not giving anything away, I will share my perspective as a movie buff and parent, so read on, Star Wars fans.

Is it age appropriate to take my kids? It has humor and I thought it was an overall kid-friendly movie. It’s a Star Wars film, we’ve got good versus evil. I’d say there is creepiness and some scary factors brought to you by (I better get this right or my son will be disappointed in me) The Supreme Leader of the First Order, Snoke. There are some battle scenes that are intense, but if the kids have seen The Force Awakens, they should be fine.

Does it answer all questions? It tries….and it tries really hard.

Does it answer some questions? Yes, it absolutely does.

What’s my overall impression? It is a highly entertaining Star Wars movie with a few complications.

What do I mean by “complications”? There is A LOT going on and that’s not meant negatively, just that there are a few expected…and unexpected twists.

What else can you share? I was jumping around in my seat, we had some genuine laughs, and there were some touching moments.

Now for what I really loved? Absolutely and enthusiastically LOVE how the female characters are strong, smart, tough, and still feminine. I also loved the intention to create some diversity in a galaxy far, far away. Know what else I love? The little, furry, adorable Porgs. I think they may be the new Ewoks for my son’s generation. Overall, I love The Last Jedi even more than The Force Awakens.

My favorite characters?
#1: Rey – Daisy Ridley, is awesome. That is all.
#2: Poe Dameron – Oscar Isaac, gives off a Han Solo vibe and I dig it.
#3: General Hux – Domhnall Gleeson, he plays this character perfectly!
#4: Kylo Ren – Adam Driver, while I love him as an actor, I was not feeling good about Kylo in The Force Awakens (100% honesty). The Last Jedi completely changed my opinion and now I think Kylo Ren ranks up there on the dark side.

What was my son’s reaction? He just slowly looked over at me once the credits started rolling and with his eyes wide open said, “woah”. It was not an underwhelming “woah”, it was more an I’m-still-processing-all-that-just-happened-OMG reaction.

Should I go see it? Why are you still reading? Upon completing this sentence, go buy your tickets!

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I was given the opportunity to screen Star Wars: The Last Jedi and received complimentary movie tickets. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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