Sun Safety and Sunscreen Tips For Parents

sun safety for kids

As parents, we can all appreciate how challenging it can be to successfully get sunscreen on our kids every day throughout the summer. I’m not exaggerating when I say that when my son was about 18 months old, he would proudly smother himself in mashed potatoes while beaming with pride in his high chair. This same child would act like an attack animal if I came near him with sunscreen. I’d plead the sunscreen was simply runny mashed potatoes but he was onto me.

Thankfully, I’ve accumulated some sunscreen tips and tricks as a mom that I’m happy to share while maintaining my sense of humor as you’ll see below. As a registered nurse, I also feel strongly about sharing accurate information on sun safety.

Along with this quick tip list, check out the video below where I share helpful sun safety information along with other fabulous bloggers. For even more sunscreen and sunburn treatment tips, be sure to check the site.

  • SPF  – or “Sun Protection Factor” – is a measure of how well a sunscreen protects your skin from the kind of UVB rays that cause sunburn.  Experts recommend a minimum of SPF 30.
  • What type of sunscreen is best for you and your family? First, look for broad spectrum sunscreen. Broad spectrum means it protects against UVA and UVB radiation rays. The UVA rays can cause premature aging and wrinkles and damage that can lead to skin cancer. The UVB rays can cause your skin to burn.
  • Ideally you should apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure.
  • It needs to be re-applied every 2 hours or more frequently if getting wet or sweating.
  • Please don’t put sunscreen on babies younger than 6 months old.
  • We love using hats and rash guards!

I’m proud to join the conversation and empower parents as a blogging ambassador with the CHPA (Consumer Health Products Association) Educational Foundation and This is a sponsored post. While I have received compensation by the CHPA Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, my opinions are my own.

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