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“While I’ve known Linda from the blogging world for years, it’s only been in the past two years that I’ve gotten to know her better personally and professionally. I specifically reached out to her for a new writing/web project because of the unique skills she brings to the table as a nurse, writer, and a mom; as such she balances her clinical and personal experiences in just the right way for my client’s needs. Even when challenges arose, she handled them with dignity and integrity.”
Sami Cone, Blogger – Professor – Media Personality – Author, www.SamiCone.com

“Linda is the perfect combination of smart and funny. Her many years of experience as a mother and a nurse inform her work, and I’ve learned so much from her as a new mother myself. Her blog is so rich with information and perspective that I find myself going deeper and deeper into the content and losing track of time. Whenever Linda writes, I read. You should, too.”
Luann Edwards, Founder, sociallyprofessional.com

“I am both a follower of Linda’s blog and a consultant who hires her to work with clients on educational programs. I can’t recommend working with her enough on sponsored campaigns. She is responsive, thoughtful and creative in her approach to creating content. As a reader of her site, I find her to be knowledgeable, authentic and personal in how she shares her life and her expertise.”
Monica Sakala, SomaStrategies.com

“I had the good fortune of meeting Linda when we were both brand new fertility nurses. We hit it off right away based on our shared enthusiasm for the artful use of well-placed profanity, a love of medicine, and the tenaciousness that only New Yorkers possess on an express train at rush hour! Linda was never willing to take no for an answer when advocating for a patient. She would push back on doctors who didn’t give full answers, cheer on patients who were at the end of their rope, and tirelessly read about anything that would make lives easier.

The progression of Linda’s work as a patient advocate has not surprised me at all – she was destined to serve women looking for a better life, a better birth, and a good laugh in the process. I’m proud to call Linda a colleague and fortunate to have had her as a resource in the thirteen years since we crossed paths.”
Nora Bolger RN, BSN, MA

“I’ve known Linda for a long time. We first worked together early in our careers and I was so impressed by her hard work and dedication. I knew I wanted her on my team and hired her when I took my next job. Linda is a caring and compassionate person and her work ethic and commitment are second to none. She is passionate about the work she does and tirelessly strives to produce the best possible outcome. She has a great combination of creativity with a sense of what works well. She’s also a lot of fun to be around.”
Rick Kern, IT Executive, NYC

“I have worked with Linda for over a decade, and she is an insightful, thoughtful, and compassionate person and nurse. Her passion for helping othersallows her to make connections on a personal level while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. She emanates warmth, sincerity, and is an excellent communicator. I would highly recommend working with Linda on any project, you would be lucky to have her.”
Dara Berg, RN, MSN, WHNP

“I was so overwhelmed with information and options when I found out we needed fertility treatment. The doctor’s office felt like a mill and there was never enough time to get all my questions answered. There were so many choices and everyone kept saying that time was not on our side. Linda was knowledgeable, compassionate and totally approachable, even with the most sensitive topics. She helped us understand our options in plain English and come up with a plan of attack and she answered every one of our questions without ever making us feel rushed.  She even helped us avoid costly and unnecessary procedures. Linda was our ace in the hole.”
A Thankful Brooklyn, NY Mom

“As anyone going through fertility treatments can tell you, it’s a scary, overwhelming process fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. I can still remember the panic I felt when mixing my powdered meds for the first time, fearing I would miss my timing window. Working with Linda, I was able to call or email for reassurance every step of the way. She was calm, patient, and explained away (most of) my fears. She was there through my ectopic pregnancy and multiple miscarriages and always helped me continue to have hope. I’ve kept in touch with her over the years and she has become a close friend and sounding board. She was even kind and empathetic enough to share her struggles with becoming a mother and I couldn’t be happier for her. She’s the best and I trust her implicitly.”
Adoptive Mom, New York City

“I had a great experience working with Linda – in particular with my questions about giving myself shots, as well as whether to miscarry on my own or have a 4th D&C surgery. She was so understanding and knowledgeable about the situation and processes – it made me feel much calmer that I had someone looking out for me. Plus, she would answer my questions on a much more timely basis than my doctor’s office!”
Mom of Two, Nashville, TN

“I love that Linda makes even the most complicated medical issues relatable and easy to understand. She uses many real life examples and writes in such a way it’s like you’ve been friends forever. Even her commentary on recent events or topics in the news is always thoughtful and thought-provoking.”
Anastasia Weis Former International Attorney, Business Owner, Blogger, TeaCupsandTurkeyLegs.com