Trying to Conceive? Navigating through Fertility Options with Glow Fertility Program

Specializing in reproductive medicine and endocrinology as a registered nurse for over ten years, I have seen and heard amazing family-building stories. I’ve also listened and felt the struggles; I’ve seen the stress, confusion, and financial burden that can take a toll. The good news is there are more fertility options than ever before, and now there is help in navigating through them with the Glow Fertility Program.

The reality of struggling with infertility and undergoing fertility treatment like IVF? It’s not just physically and emotionally draining, but it can quickly drain savings from your bank account. For about 1 in 8 Americans struggling with fertility issues, the cost of fertility treatments can be a significant roadblock, preventing them from achieving their family-building dreams.

What kind of cost are we looking at for IVF? The average price can hover around $14,000 with associated medications adding $4,000 – $5,000. That cost doesn’t include further tests often recommended such as genetic testing that can evaluate embryos for genetic abnormalities before the transfer process and can increase chances for a healthy and successful pregnancy and outcome.

How does the Glow Fertility Program make a difference? Glow offers a comprehensive solution for fertility care by helping families at every stage of the journey to parenthood. As a fertility nurse, I can appreciate Glow’s effort to provide helpful services and support designed to meet specific needs with:

○ Access to the country’s top fertility clinics and pharmacies

○ Lowered pricing on fertility treatment, including IVF, IUI, egg freezing and medication (the Glow Fertility Program can provide cost savings of approximately $4,000 on a cycle of IVF and $3,000 on egg freezing)

○ Individualized fertility coaching

○ Concierge medication services at competitive prices

○ Transparent financing options for fertility treatment

What do I love most about Glow as a patient educator and fertility nurse? Glow has 12 million users on its app platforms (Eve, Glow, Nurture and Baby), and has helped millions of women learn more about their bodies and themselves. The Glow Fertility Program has built an active community based on being a trusted resource. While researching and discovering the next steps on the path to building a family can seem daunting and unclear, and I love that Glow helps connect us all so we can help empower and educate.

Fertility advances continue to occur, and I’m proud to help spotlight options to access fertility care. I always recommend setting a focus on gathering information to make informed decisions on your reproductive health and encourage anyone trying to conceive to remember that with each cycle – there is hope.

It is completely understandable to be overwhelmed with medical and financial information. If I can be of any help, or answer questions, please feel free to reach out. Helping someone create a family and achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy and outcome is a privilege to me. Sometimes the fertility road veers off course unexpectedly, takes hundreds of IVF injections, requires extra testing, donor egg or sperm, or a gestational carrier, but I hope that road begins a beautiful and crazy book into parenthood for you.

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with the Glow Fertility Program to spotlight fertility care and affordable options for those trying to conceive and hoping to build a family. I received compensation in exchange for my 100% honest opinion that is completely my own. Thank you to Glow for providing a platform to help millions of members seek support and information. 

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