What To Wear If You’re A Nurse


Thank you to Acorn Influence in partnership with Landau brand scrubs for sponsoring this post. Of course, all opinions are 100% honest and my own. Truth? I’ve always worn Landau Scrubs in my various nursing jobs.

 Is it weird that I enjoy back-to-school shopping? It represents a fresh start and I always love a new opportunity. It also signifies busy times as a mom balancing work and life. We were out shopping for new shoes a few weeks back, and I mentioned to my kids that comfortable shoes and clothes are super important. Even as a nurse I explained, you need to be comfortable in scrubs and feel good so that you can help people. 
This led to a conversation about the types of nursing jobs I’ve had and made me think back to many experiences that have shaped what I do today. A lot of my writing and consulting revolves around patient education and advocacy. I’m very big on improving patient experience, and as nurses, we can make the biggest impact by how we choose to interact with our patients. Some of my nursing work has been messy, sweaty, and physically demanding, while other times my work has been mentally and emotionally challenging.
Whether it was on a hospital floor, in clinic, in an office, or in patients homes doing home healthcare, the one constant that I could control has been what to wear as a nurse. For me, it’s all about my Landau Scrubs. I started wearing them in nursing school because I wanted scrubs that felt comfortable, durable, and offered various styles and fit.
Looking back, I think being a home health nurse put my scrubs and myself to the highest test. I needed to be comfortable because I had no control over the environments traveling from case to case. I was vulnerable in an uncontrolled atmosphere and everything was on me. All in one day, I’d visit an elderly person in an apartment with no air conditioning in August, attend to a post-op patient for wound care, check in on a patient with limited mobility, and I’d be running around with tons of supplies. Landau Scrubs offer quality, style, and supported my needs (pockets), and fit perfectly…and I should emphasize the importance of properly placed pockets.
My dedication and professionalism have grown in my years as a nurse along with a strong belief. What you need to wear if you’re a nurse:

  • Compassion – wear it on your sleeve and give it freely
  • Dedication to continually learn – accept the challenges and ask questions
  • Passion to step up and help people – never let this dim, wear your passion proudly
  • Comfortable, high-quality scrubs
  • Supportive shoes
Here’s the scoop on why I personally have #scrublove for Landau Scrubs:
  • Durable fabric, high quality, and long-lasting
  • Variety of colors, cuts, and prints to meet my preferences
  • Real-life sizing that is actually constructed to fit (various sizes ranging from XS – 5XL)
  • Super comfortable/breathable material
If you’re in nursing school or working in healthcare, your time is valuable. For an easy way to shop, head over to Scrubs and Beyond via this link to check out Landau Scrubs: http://bit.ly/2gR4RFB
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  1. Sutton Turner February 8, 2018 at 5:13 pm - Reply

    I like how you mentioned finding scrubs that are durable but also very comfortable. My mom is a nurse and she has a huge collection of scrubs. I’m glad you wrote about what to wear if you’re a nurse.

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